Why Do You Think Sick is Wrong?

In my twitter account, I have an animal communicator following my tweets. I started following her as she seemed interesting.  Georgia is getting on in years and I know that decisions will need to be made at some point.

I was thinking I could call this woman, but then I thought, why?  I can communicate with Georgia.  I used to sit out in the back porch at night and think about her when she was out wandering the neighborhood. I’d remind her that I’d be worried if I had to try and sleep before she came in. If she didn’t, I didn’t know that I’d be able to let her out again. I would picture her in my mind very strongly.  Then as I opened my eyes and would be standing up to go in, she was almost always (there was one time when she didn’t) jumping over the fence and giving me her little squeak of a mew.

I knew that I could ask her this.

She tells me she is content right now.  And I am happy. I told her how this was hard because I felt so badly for missing out on what was wrong with Simone. Georgia reminds me, “There was nothing wrong.  She was sick.”

And I press my case, “But she didn’t have to be sick.  Maybe we could have fixed it if we had known what it was. I should have talked to the vet more..pushed her case more…”

Georgia said quite simply, “But why do you think sick is wrong? It just is.”

I was so stunned I was knocked out of the meditation.  And it has been food for thought for sometime.  Why do we think that sickness is wrong?  Perhaps it just another way of living?

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Think Sick is Wrong?”

  1. I think our feline friends are just more balanced in this than we are. We do expect to be healthy and in best shape all the time. That’s how we like to think of ourselves and the one around us we love, humans and critters alike.
    Our feline friends are different there. They do not expect to live forever, know and accept that there is something like sickness, they know it is not the positive and happy part of their lives but they actually CAN accept it.
    To me it seems we – as humans – somehow lost this ability somewhere in our evolution trail…

    Yes we have science and we achieved much for us and our furry friends. It gives us the possibility to make them suffer less, help them where without VETs and their abilities and medical possibilities some things (illnesses and the liking) would end earlier and way more painful.

    But then Life is not eternal.
    It ends – sooner or later and there is nothing much we can do about it. Maybe we need to learn again how to be at peace with this thought…


    P.S. I do talk to Paul in my meditations. 🙂

  2. Thanks Astrid for the nice comment. I think all of us should talk to our pets when we meditate! Think of all the things we could learn!

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  4. This story reminded me of when I first “spoke” to my Siamese cat – he answered me so clearly that it startled me out of my meditation. I’ve never been able to do it again, tho I keep trying!

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