What Is My Big Fat Orange Cat?

My Big Fat Orange Cat is a place for me to write about what I am thinking about at any one time. I blog about a number of things but I don’t have a place to express myself about what’s going on in the world.

I worry about the environment and struggle to do my part in minimizing my impact on the world, so I hope to write about this struggle. I don’t know if I will have any profound solutions, but maybe others can see themselves in these sometimes silly and stupid struggles to live more in harmony with the world.

I need to loose weight. I have always carried about 10 extra pounds and recently that has blossomed into a good thirty. I am slowly working my way back down but I struggle. How do I eat healthy when tempted by so many things. Sometimes you just want the gratification of now rather than the long term needs of health. Additionally, when you are working with others, sometimes there is a struggle with what is acceptable to both of you.

I am very happy in my mind. A lot of what I talk about will be centered from a point of thoughts and focus rather than always outward focused. I don’t know how much value this will add to the world, but I hope it will intrigue some people.

And now I think I want to make it a memoir of all those things I did as a veterinary receptionist as well. Who knows?  What will it eventually evolve into? I don’t know.

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