On a Date In May

Well, I’ve almost got an image in my head about what I want the site to look like. It’s coming along.   The most exciting thing is that I have some ideas for blog posts as well.  After all, what does a writer write about?  What do people really want to know about the writer?  How often can you talk about where you get your ideas.  Life brings ideas.  It’s easy to type them out.  Some work, some don’t. It’s just about getting them down on paper to see if they actually work as well there as they do in your head.

Yes, for those people who want to know, I am close to getting the first Whisper novel out.  It will likely be called Face of the Earth.   Look for more updates on this between mid June and mid July as that is my target. I am well on my way to finishing the second as well.  Both novels will be short, more novella than novel.  The prices will reflect that.   I’ll have them on Kindle direct first, followed by the nook and then the hard copy novel will be available at Amazon.  Check back

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