Coming Soon: Untold

front1Coming soon to Lilac Point Press, the non-fiction imprint of My Big Fat Orange Cat Publishing is Untold: Twelve stories of Successful American Acupuncturists in the New Millennium by Bonnie Koenig, LAc and Jason Stein, LAc.

Untold will focus on 12 practitioners who have moved beyond the typical acupuncture business of one person and perhaps an administrative staff. These practitioners have grown with their practices, finding ways to create a brand and learning about the next steps in growing a business. Untold talks to practitioners who have specialized, grown a large practice, or found a home in a hospital setting. There are others who have moved on with a passion within their acupuncture practice to creating products that can help other practitioners.

Too many acupuncturists hear only about the failures in the business. Untold tells the stories of those who have succeeded and continue to succeed. It’s also about the fact that many of these practitioners struggled and several were nearly at the point of quitting just when things turned around for them. In addition to hope, each of these practitioners offers tips and advice for the new or not so new practitioner who finds it hard to make ends meet and maybe wondering if they may the right career choice.

Now Available!


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