Coming Soon: Sun Spot Magic

Coming soon! Sun Spot Magic, the second in the Teenage Fairy Godmother series. The covers of both this and the first novel have been redone for a whole new look that suits Willow just fine.

Teenage fairy godmother, Willow Vaughn, really just wants to get a job so she can have a car. Naturally, she can’t just wish herself a car. That’s against the rules.

Worse, just as she’s about to find a job to make her dream come true, the world is beset by sunspots which wreak havoc on fairy godmother magic.

Suddenly wishes go wrong, and in a big way.  The fairy godmother authorities spot Willow and threaten to take away her powers.

Can she master her wish granting ability, fight off the sunspot havoc, and still get a job? It’s almost more than a teenage girl can handle.

Sun Spot Magic is the latest book about Willow Vaughn, a teenage fairy godmother, that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Now Available!


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