Coming Soon: A Haunting Whisper

Coming in November, A Haunting Whisper

Meg wakes early one morning to find the county sheriffs on her doorstep looking for Peter. They claim he murdered a teenaged girl.  Shocked to learn that the sheriffs might be right, Meg buries herself in other work.

But in Whisper, not everyone holds Peter to human laws. Kyle and Rain start investigating what really happened until their case collides with Meg’s. Ghostly hauntings and possession threaten everyone on the mountain. After all, everyone has a talent. What would happen if a ghost were to take over someone with a special talent, especially a ghost who could already challenge Peter for supremacy on the mountain?

A Haunting Whisper is the seventh breathtaking installment in the Whisper series that began in Whisper Bound.

Now Available!

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