Coming Soon: A Haunting Attraction!

When Meg can’t help her sister Amy heal from the headaches that have plagued her since having a ghost possess her body, she feels like she’s on the sidelines until Brin Sandlin hires to her find her missing mother. Meg’s not at all certain a missing persons case can distract her until she learns that Brin’s mother has been dead for three years.

While Peter, Rain, and Zari A attempt to find ways to help Amy heal, Meg investigates grave robbing, embezzling, and fraud. A confrontation with ghouls scares Meg less than the fact that even Zari A and Peter might not be able to save her sister’s life.

While time runs out for Amy, Meg buries herself in a case that has no logical explanation. Can she unravel it and can Peter and Zari save Amy?

Now Available!

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