Changing Things

I’m frustrated with my affiliate sites.   Now I haven’t sold enough on CJ to stay on–unless I buy something from myself. I like the sites they have for My Siamese so I am staying with them. My Siamese is picking up again in Google and I think I found the problem that caused it to not be listed.

Quantum Lifestyles still isn’t making it.  I’m thinking I don’t want to continue with that. I need to keep the domains and the site because I have so many emails linked to that site.  However when this hosting is done, I’ll put up some sort of page and then just leave the emails. I might keep it as a site for the cards. I don’t know.  But it won’t be like it is. I find it a lot of work to keep up on the Acupuncture Marketing Blog.

Although I write Wed Cents and it is a bit of work, it’s more fun.  And I see it as this grand experiment.  It’s a bit lighter for me than the Acupuncture stuff.  I have a book that I am working on as well. It’s about healing and not about acupuncture. I think that healing was more my focus but I know acupuncture. However so many people “know” acupuncture that they don’t want to listen to what one other person has to say–not so much anyway.  I mean some might like it. This comes from a more intuitive side.  It was inspired by Georgia’s comment and her equanamity in this illness that she has. I think it’s worth writing and will be worth reading.

It’s a little sad to let go of my first website.  Still it’s got a generic name and I can bring it back to be anything I want at any time. We’ll see what happens and what I end up doing with it!

However it does leave me more time for this, My Siamese, Wed Cents, and the Ski site I keep thinking I want to do.  My focus right now is more on working on things that can focus my OWN products rather than affiliate products and also advertising on my writing sites.  I hope I get some thing up that people really really like.  It will be a challenge I think.

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