An Air of Suspicion Released

An Air of Suspicion, the New Whisper Novel, weaves a tale of conflict and intrigue.

Duvall, WAAn Air of Suspicion, the new novel in the Whisper Universe by Bonnie Elizabeth introduces new characters and new elemental spirits. Meg Barringer is back, still recovering from her near death experience in Taken by the Sound. She’s barely back in the office when new mysteries are cropping up. An Air of Suspicion went on sale at major e-book retailers on November 12, 2013.

“My goal is to give the villains and anti-heroes real motivation. I don’t want to fall back into the cliché that they’re just evil or the embodiment of evil. People rarely set out to do something really horrible but they end up there out because of bad choices, usually made out of fear. I’ve tried to create a villain like that in An Air of Suspicion,” Elizabeth said when asked about her books.

Like all the Whisper novels, readers benefit from having read the earlier books but it isn’t necessary to read the books in order. Each novel is a story complete in itself. As the series go on, the characters are changing and growing.

Author and editor, JA Gallagher writes of the first novel in the series, Whisper Bound, “I know it’s a fantasy, but the author made it all seem so real, I’m ready to put Whisper on my travel itinerary. And Meg isn’t the only one with a crush on Peter!”

Bonnie Elizabeth lives and works in the Snoqualmie Valley with her three cats and her husband. She’s been writing since she was eight years old, although that first manuscript has long been lost. She’s been a cemetery administrator, a library assistant and an acupuncturist. You can find her at My Big Fat Orange Cat or on Facebook on My Big Fat Orange Cat’s Facebook page.

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