My Big Fat Orange Cat

dreamstime_s_34564154bigAt My Big Fat Orange Cat Publishing we believe that good books create the best, longest lasting laps. And we all know cats love to sit on laps. That’s why we publish books from a variety of genres that always make your day a little bit brighter.

We primarily publish speculative fiction. We also have a small portion of our press devoted to non-fiction books about acupuncture and business topics for acupuncturists.

Readers who want to experience beautiful new worlds and re-explore their own world will love our fiction books by Bonnie Elizabeth.

Bonnie Elizabeth is Bonnie Elizabeth Koenig’s pen name under which she writes fiction. Bonnie also writes non-fiction books about acupuncture and business books for acupuncturists under her full name and license.

Dealer discounts and inquiries are always welcome. Please check here.

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