About the Orange Cats

Ig as a Baby (before he was fat)
Ig as a Baby (before he was fat)
Iggy, short for Ingold Inglorian named after the character in Barbara Hambly’s Darwath Series, was the original inspiration for the name My Big Fat Orange Cat.

Iggy brings personality to the My Big Fat Orange Cat. He could never do anything by halves. He also made his desires very clear. You knew what he liked and what he didn’t. We strive to be consistent in the type of engaging fiction we publish, just like Ig was consistent in what he liked. Although, he had a variety of likes as a cat (and so do we as a publishing house).

Because Ig came before the digital revolution in photography, most of the photos have had to go through scanning and thus lost much of their sharpness.  Finding good ones that show the attitude is hard.  This image is another orange cat with attitude that admire, named Pekoe.

Pekoe and many of our other orange friends visit over at our Facebook page. For now, the orange cat in the background is unnamed and one of the many wonderful orange cats we found on a basic stock photo site. Some day we’ll have another orange cat and introduce him to our readers.

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