About Our Authors

We love our authors at My Big Fat Orange Cat Publishing. After all, they create laps for cats and we’re all about cats having laps, as you might have guessed.

Bonnie Elizabeth writes delightful, fanciful fiction that keeps readers coming back for more. She knows how to immerse a reader in a setting, so much so that many of our readers have said they want to visit her fictional towns around the country.

Bonnie Koenig, LAc is Bonnie Elizabeth’s real name and under which she writes business for acupuncturists. Recently, she has begun writing just as Bonnie E. Koenig because she has retired from practicing acupuncture and no longer has the ability to use the title “licensed acupuncturist.”

Jason Stein, MOM, LAc is also an acupuncturist. Jason co-wrote Untold Stories with Bonnie Koenig, LAc which was designed to help acupuncturists dream bigger.

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