About Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth writes brilliantly evocative paranormal fiction stories, mostly about people making connections through some sort of magical process.  Just when you think you can pin her down, she writes a deeply moving contemporary drama story.  Nearly all her stories are uplifting and hopeful.  We give her a pass on that one horror novel, which is selling to great reviews.

Bonnie has always written. She wrote while working as a secretary, as a veterinary receptionist and as a cemetery administrator.  In the 1990s she wrote several novels that were consigned to a drawer. Some even had some publisher interest.  She set aside her writing to attend acupuncture school and by the time she graduated, publishing was changing. She continued to write via her blog, using the feline antics of her new kitten to keep her in writing material. In 2012 she started writing in earnest and published her first book in 2013.

She blogged about her cats at The Cat Post Intelligencer for a number of years before the business of writing made that too time intensive. She continues to advocate for all cats to have the best life possible and is a member of the Cat Writer’s Association.

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